New York Perspectives and Legos

Over the years I have been had a love/ hate relationship with Legos.
Loved the creative possibilities, hated cleaning them up.
My sons would spend hours on their creations.
One preferred planes and tanks, the other, loved creating cities...
large tall skyscrapers, multiple fascinating structures
reaching out to the sky...dinosaurs and soldiers protecting the 
inner walls of his cities.
I was thrilled by his excitement but never quite got it...
until now.
I have been to Manhattan more times than I can count over the years.
I never really looked up. Last week I visited again and this time
it was different, I looked up.
I am happy to report to my son...
I get it.



  1. I have a tendency to look down and looking up is good.


  2. Great shots Jeanne! Did you know that the building in no 6 has been on the news for people exhibiting, shall we say, complete exhibitionism?



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