A Lady in Waiting

I love these images, not because they are beautiful but because they
made me stop and think. A lady in waiting as the world passes her by.

She stands in wait with no one taking notice, but me.

The statue stands on the Holborn Viaduct. It was made by Sculptors, Farmer and Brindley, 1868-9.
The inscription at the base reads Fine Art. In her right hand, "she is holding a drawing board with paper pinned to it. Her left foot rest on an Iconic capital 'denoting architecture'. Behind her stands a bust of Pallas Athena, 'as she was the patroness of both the useful and elegant Arts'. The bust also represents sculpture. Behind the figure's right foot, a small palette and brushes rest on the base."

Reference: Public Scupture of the City of London by Philip Ward-Jackson


  1. How very artistic...both the statue and you! You are drawn to her because of your commonality...art! Your artistic eye is so very evident in your photography....Which is beautiful!

  2. Love these, and the photo tours of London and beyond. Thanks for sharing Jeanne! (and for the lovely poem. No one has ever left me a poem before!)



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