Could it be the hat?

Edinburgh- 2010

Here I go again. 
I am beginning to think I have a weakness for elderly gentleman.
I can't seem to resist. This was a quick snap. 
I was intrigued by his hat, his coat, his attentiveness 
and wondered...will he go in?

He was standing at a restaurant along George Street in Edinburgh. 
We were on the move.
It wasn't till I looked at the photo later that I saw his reflection.

My grandfather looked great in a hat :)

More elderly gentlemen....

Paris- 2010

Madrid- 1971

Maybe it's the hat....


  1. Oh Jeanne
    How cute.. I was recently thinking the same thing about me!! in fact was going to do a similar post.. my old men in turkey, santorini.. and I'm pretty sure there was another i've forgotten now...

    I wonder what it is that inspires us to photograph them??? Mind you I love the beret!!!

    Have a lovely week xxx Julie

  2. I popped over here to see what you were up to as well..

    My, how do you manage to do more than one sweet hubby says I am computer obsessed and I only have one to try and figure out! (O:(O:

    By the way, you are a terrific photographer I'm sure I will learn a thing or




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