Street Scene Spain

In 1971, I took my first trip overseas. 
I was 14 and went on a school trip to Spain.
We drove along the streets of Madrid and Barcelona.

I took this photo from a bus window.
I had the slide reproduced recently and studied it.....

The man above looks lost. 
It almost looks like he has been digitally added to the photo.
His appearance, his clothes, the quizzical look in his brow...he is displaced.

Now, these two roaming gents look like they are very much in sync with city life, 
right down to the position of their feet. 
The hand in the pocket, the movement of the arm, 
one listening intently or maybe not at all. 

The fellow in the rear, walking with his bag and cigarette hanging loosely from his mouth. 
White shirt, tie and jacket...barrister perhaps?
Shadows at their feet...late morning??

I like this image.
Mother and child?
Grandmother and child?
The plaid pants are a giveaway to the 70's.
Notice that they are holding hands in the shadow.

What I would like to if this fellow ever found what he was looking for.
Better yet, what was he looking for? or whom?

Ah...the wonderful world of photography,
it never ceases to amaze me.

Have I missed anything???

Images ~ me


  1. Yes- he does look displaced! The smoking got me. Once, so commom-place and now-thankfully we just don't see it. Even the cafes in Italy are smokeless-is that what it's called- smokefree! Funny the impressions of our first travels- they stay with us.

  2. Love your photograph - so much going on there and yes, agree he does look a little lost your man at the front with the hat. Interesting to know that you can now get old photos digitally reproduced. x

  3. I love this photo - look at the skills you had even so many years ago ... definitely an artist's eye! What a great capture, and I love your photo-analysis.
    Good luck on the giveaway - if you win I know you will love that second option!



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