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I do not come to this blog often enough, one of the disadvantages of three blogs. It is nice to know it is here. I call it my thinking spot. It is where I can put things...those extra thoughts that linger in your mind. I often have those photos that you just feel you have to take but you are not quite sure why. You look at them and ponder...I am always glad I took them and know that someday they will end up just where I want them. For now, it is just fun to look…

These were taken at Brougham Castle which sits along the River Eamont in Cumbria, the English Lake District. The Castle was founded in the early 13th century by King John's agent Robert de Vieuxpont. The outer walls and a few vantage points still exist. It is enough to bring it to life. More on that later. I came across a wall in what use to be one of the kitchen areas. Scribbles of all sorts recent and past but still intriguing. I managed to find my initials in there too. Lucky me :)

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  1. That wall of carvings reminds me of an 18th century house near here where British soldiers were quartered during the American Revolution. They carved messages to the daughter of the house on the window panes. Someone thought to save these through the centuries ... a visible reminder that people really don't change much over the ages.



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