Morning thoughts...on a roundabout in England

January 12, 2010
Esher, Surrey

I sat in traffic this morning for a very long time. 

You know that feeling when you are just sitting there, nothing is happening, your mind wanders and then the mental ping pong begins. 

You start to think of all the things you have to do, should have done and then panic sets in. 

You start talking to yourself..."I am going to forget all this! 

Where is my notebook, where is my pen...where is my trusty little voice recorder?" 

I stare at my new iPhone with frustration. "Stupid thing...why can't I get the voice recorder to work." I can never seem to get past "hello." 

I look in the back seat and there sits my trusted dog, Tika, who still smells from her journey to the UK from New Zealand last week. 

That is another thing I have to do....find a pet service to clean her. 

Of course, that then leads to another thought and another thought and then I want to call my forever cheerful Mr. H and say 'what are we doing here?' 

I want warmth, I want my pillow, I want my sheets, I want happy children, I want my house...I want to be sitting by the pool!

So there I sat, inching my way around the roundabout...with 100 other English motorists (who are not as friendly as Kiwi motorists I might add) and then I saw it. 

A little sign in the middle of a garden patch, surrounded by snow and the first signs of spring, buds reaching to the sky. 

The sign said 'FIELD OF HOPE'. 

And there I sat...inching my way along the roundabout with a smile on my face. 

Image from Cox and Cox


  1. I am so glad that I am not the only one who has morning thoughts and then sees signs full of hope as the journey of each day unfolds.

  2. Jeanne - hang in there... Know just how hard it is adjusting from one country to another... Chin up - all will get better.
    Sarah x

  3. Oh Jeanne! I know these feelings well...I also have an ever cheerful Mr. who sees the slightest ray of sunshine even on the cloudiest of our case, it was me who (being an archetypal whinging pom) persuaded him to leave behind the pool and sunshine - how did I know that when we got here it would be the coldest winter in 100 years??!! I really feel for you - it will get better - promise.....Susie x



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