Personality Characteristics of a Blogger

I wonder what the personality characteristics are of bloggers are?  This is not for everybody. Most of my friends look at me like I just landed from a strange planet when I mention a blog. I often feel like I am from a strange planet. I am not the person I use to be. Whilst I love all that having a blog offers and there is quite a bit, I still feel like I have been invaded by outer beings at times. Here are some of the more recent developments-

  • I have become a night owl. Trying to add blogging onto everything else going on at the moment is a challenge and you do need peace and quiet around you. This definetly takes a bit of concentration. My early nights are a thing of the past and dare I say I have even found myself hitting the sack at 2:00am. Could this possibly be the same person? It must be because I still get up at 6:30am to start the day. Caffeine has become my friend. 
  • I have developed chronic writers syndrome. Pieces of paper flutter around me everywhere I go. I feel like Linus from Charlie Brown. Like the dust following him on the tail of his blanket, I have little pieces of paper following in my wake.
  • I have developed that annoying habit with people of casually dropping in I HAVE A BLOG.  Always on the ready and ever so eager to do so. I think people find that annoying. I hate it when people do that...what is happening to me??
  • I have a brain that never stops which I imagine is perfect for me. I have always wondered if  I have ADHD and now it is a proven fact. Magazines, newspapers, internet, books, people, shopping, newsagents, restaurants...always scanning...always looking for those few words that turn into an idea. I cringe to think how people who have had blogs for several years do this.
  • I have children who think Mom is a bit loopy talking about her blog and what they call her imaginary friends. "Oh, there is Mom again on the computer conversing with her imaginary friends (eyes roll)". I quietly sit there thinking 'gee, this sounds familiar, what do they think they are doing on their phones and computers all day?'
  • I have lost 4 kgs....could this be perhaps to the above?
I started my blog in October 24 and it is now December 8. I have written 85 posts between two blogs.
I was away for two weeks. I don't need to use a calculator to figure this one out except to say that I am having fun. This is still my therapy. I am enjoying all the wonderful people I come across and I feel happy in the knowledge that there are kindred spirits out there in the blogosphere who can probably relate to some of the things I have just written. Blog on!


  1. You made me smile, you made me grin, you made me clap my hands above my head and think-out-loud "praise these keys I’m not alone!"

    Blogging is great fun, and, it ... "is addictive" as the warning was told me last month.

    I confess, to all that you have share in this post, and a wee bit more; it seems now I need a secretary and a maid two.

    Thank you for confessing, at least now I know I’m not along in this ...

  2. I can SO relate to this and I am sure my family can too!

    It is addictive and time consuming at times but I am so happy and love meeting wonderful people from all around the world like yourself!

    Great post!

    Best wishes, Natasha.

    PS Am following both your blogs now-I must have forgotten to sign up for this one.

  3. Think you can put me in that basket too. I started at about the same time as Natasha! But I haven't had the luck to lose four kilos yet - maybe I don't type energetically enough!;-)

  4. Ange, so nice to hear from you! I think the 4kg has to do with a bad habit of mine, procrastination. Everytime I think about packing I run to the computer, 'just to check'. Nerves than kick in as I realise the clock is ticking and I am way behind. Ah well, another day is before me and I am sure I will finally pull it off. I better because the packers arrive tomorrow morning! Wish me luck!

  5. I've found it to be addictive too:).



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