Opening your eyes

I took this photo on a whim the other day. 
There were vines growing over everything and I was captivated. 
They stretched, they reached and 
wrapped themselves around this beautiful old building. 
It was as if the vines were cradling it during these cold fragile winter months. 
It speaks volumes to me.. yet, 
it is just a tangled mess of vines on a brick wall to anyone else. 
This is what I love about the creative process. 
Once you let go of what other people think 
and just let yourself absorb what you are seeing and doing it takes on a new life. 
At the end of the day it comes down to how it makes you feel...
if you like it then really, that is all that matters. 
Someone passed on this little bit of wisdom to my years ago in reference to buying art 
and it opened my eyes to another world. 
You are seeing thru your eyes, appreciating every little detail and 
thinking what it means to you. 
It can make all the difference in your day and in your life once you let go and let it in. 
It is beauty and it is yours. 

Image by me..Pennyhill Park, Surrey


  1. Really interesting... made me think - yes, if you like something then that IS all that really matters and particularly your comment about appreciating every little detail too... Brilliant.

  2. Dear Jeanne - I meant to leave you a msg the other day re: your UK Day 1 post! I know it's not terribly funny for you being so cold but I laughed as I read it because it's so familiar to me....I have shades of toe nail polish for different hemispheres! (Sad, but true)....the strange thing in our house is that RR (who is the REAL Aussie) tells everyone that the temperature is 'perfect' whilst my GG and I are huddling in front of fan heaters (with the central heating blasting away in the background). Whilst all this is going on, RR is running out several times a day to check the level on the oil tank!!! & Yes, you are most welcome to come and watch movies!! Sounds like your first week is a lot of fun! I know Guildford well (I lived in Farnham in another life!) Have your children moved with you? If they have, that makes life a little easier I guess....although my GG is here for a short while, we don't actually see that much of her as she spends most waking hours skyping with her new b/f in Sydney! Would have been better if he had come over too....oh well, maybe next time.....very warm wishes for a wonderful stay in the U.K. How long are you expecting to be here? Love Susie x



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