4:25 am and blogging....

Oh dear.. 4:25am and wide awake. Packers arrive today to start on air freight and that only means one thing...there goes the computers. The plan is to get them to the UK shortly after our arrival. I looked at the original paperwork this evening and it said to plan on 21 days. How I missed that little piece of information is beyond me. I was counting on 7-10 days.

Wide awake at 4:30 am wondering how on earth I am going to manage my blogs. Urgent appeal to my husband went out two weeks ago..MUST HAVE INTERNET CONNECTION SET UP ASAP ON ARRIVAL. I am asking for this in England three days before Christmas. Appointment now booked but, but, but....now it looks like computers will still be in transit. CRISIS!

Have developed back up plan with very small old laptop. I now need to back up all blog info so I can use it over the next few weeks. Mind you, I do have a family and house to worry about not to mention the final farewells coming up this week. This is a sad state of affairs that I am wide awake at 4:36am worrying about carrying on with my blogs. Of course, I do not mention this to my family, I will just get that rolled eye thing again. But secretly I write at 4:37am developing my master plan...such a clever thing am I.

Now all I need to do is back up two computers, run around and pink tag all the artwork that needs to be crated, finish deciding what needs to be airfreighted. I actually have room left over.... am worried that I am missing something really obvious.

The house is a mess, I am way behind on my organisation for the packers, my husband arrives today to assist with the move and thinks all sorts of things have already been done...dream on. Am working on list of excuses. Can't mention blog.

Add to this that I am a Virgo and start to go thru withdrawals when things go off plan...4:47am and still writing. Deep breath. Ok, that's better.  Five hours till packers arrive, 10 hours till husband arrives...I can manage.

Did I mention that my husband has been living in London for the last year and that we have only seen each other over school holidays? After today, it's over...we are a family again. Hooray! But how does a girl cope after being master and ruler of her own domain for the last twelve months???  I will save that for another time, 4:55am (where does the time go??)  and I must stay focused on the task at hand. Now, where is that TO DO list..........


  1. Good luck Jeanne - it's not easy reuniting after so long away from each other. I never lost the need to be ruler of my own house but I know most of us settle in to a normal family routine much quicker than I did... Gives the relationship a good testing - but it normally strengthens it too. Don't mention the (war) blog.
    Wishes of Courage from a fellow Virgo

  2. Dear Jeanne - this is so familiar to me (also a fellow Virgo)! If it makes you feel (slightly) better, when we moved to the UK my husband was dealing with the shipping company and completely omitted to tell me that they had contacted him with the date the container was arriving....the first I knew was when I received a phone call asking where we would like the container delivered....!!! Think you are probably 'en route' by now - happy landings to you & your computers! Warm wishes, Susie x



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