There is always hope...Kew Gardens

I never understand my fascination with ramshackle, tumbled down, misfit objects and buildings. I took my first photo when I was about 15 years old. Our photography teacher gave us an assignment,  to take a photograph of something that fascinated us.

It was New England and frightfully cold. In our backyard, between crusted snow, leaves and other debris, I found the object that spoke to me, one of my sisters long lost and forgotten dolls. 

We developed our own film in the class. Let me tell you.. I was so proud to show off my photograph. I have to admit, I don't think the others in the class shared the same enthusiasm for my photo. No matter, it was my first and it interested me and that was all that mattered.  So here I am, years later, in one of the most beautiful gardens in the world at Kew Gardens outside of London and I toddle off to find the most run down, neglected objects I can find, loving them just as much as I did that doll all those years ago. For in them, there once was life and the potential exists for their to be once again. I hope someone, someday, sees them worthy of what they could be. 

My silver lining..there is always hope.

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  1. Jeanne,

    Your discriprion of this photo of the doll is so clear I felt as if I could see her too.

    I too love old houses and buildings, I am fascinated by what I imagine is their history. On our decent road trip I managed to capture many of these buildings and then amuse myself by making up stories about them, who lived there, where they went etc.

    I hope you enjoyed the gardens, as you say these buildings offer hope.



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