Morning Sun over Marrakech

There are times when only an iPhone will do...
This was one of them..
Taken one January morning, poolside, at La Mamounia in Marrakech.

Along with these...

It was hard to pick just one...

From poolside at La Mamounia to 
writing from Kasbah Tamadot ...

Morocco...Day 4

Nestled into the high Atlas Mountains, an hours drive from Marrakech, 
she writes by the window and sends thanks to all who have joined in on her postcard promise. 
She is overwhelmed and extremely happy to be thinking of each and every one 
as she writes from... 'Kasbah Tamadot'..

More on Marrakech and the  high Atlas Mountains of Morocco to come...

PS.. (Tamadot translates to 'soft breeze' in the local Berber language)



  1. absolutely gorgeous Jeanne! thanks for taking us with you!

  2. Hello Jeanne - have really enjoyed your trip to Marrakech with you! I think you picked a much better time to go than we did - we went last summer and stayed in a lovely Riad....we visited La Mamounia and I do recall the beautiful pool but the thing that sticks in my mind most is the exhorbitant price of the drinks we had there! Didn't manage to make it to the mountains but am very keen to go now after seeing your beautiful photos...xx

  3. Jeanne,
    I just realized that I can do all my traveling through you! It is late, very late here so I plan on beginning my journey again right here early in the am while I enjoy my coffee!
    Also wanted to say thank you so much for following The Lisa Porter Collection.



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