Walking with Winston Churchill..Chartwell, England

I went walking with Winston Churchill on Sunday....in my dreams. 
We went along to visit Chartwell,
National Trust Property and the Churchill family home for many years. 
The inside was as special as the outside. I will come back to the inside soon.

Clementine and Winston Churchill lived in Chartwell for 40 years.
They adored it and it shows in what they created. 
They toiled, planned, and fretted but in the end it is said to have 
brought them great joy, as a home should.

Mary Soames, daughter of Winston and Clementine, writes of her mother....
" Over the years her pleasure in the place was seldom unalloyed by anxiety. Clementine, however, never stinted thought or effort in making Chartwell a delightful, comfortable home for her family, and the charming place so many friends through the years would recall. My mother imprinted the stamp of her lovely, and always unaffected, taste on both house and garden".

and of her father...

"As the years mounted, Winston still found infinite pleasure and contentment at Chartwell. Grandchildren as well as children came to be company for both my parents. My mother now played croquet instead of tennis; my father would watch the butterflies on the buddleias and count the red admirals with satisfaction, or sit for hours gazing over the dim blueness of the Weald - the view that 40 years before had so enraptured him."

A rainy Sunday at Chartwell and a walk along the property

An Artist at work...the studio.

A Gardener creates....

A great man alone in his thoughts....

creating a vision that would change the world.

Westerham, Kent

PS... off to Bath this weekend.
Any suggestions ?


  1. Hello Jeanne

    A beautiful tribute to Winston Churchill and timely as we face 11/11/11

    I would love to visit Chartwell

    He was a very good artist too

    Helen xx

  2. Great photos and tribute to Winston Churchill. My favorites were the the open window and the last one at the pond. Peaceful!
    We were in Bath a few years ago when my husband had a summer class. My favorite was taking the ferry to Bathhampton and then walking along the canal back to Bath. There were long boats (not sure the correct name for these) with lovely paintings on them docked at various places. I'm not sure what the scenery is like at this time of year, but the landscape was beautiful, too.

  3. The pics and tribute are wonderful. My favorites were the open window and the last one by the pond. Peaceful.
    We were in Bath a few summers ago while my husband had a class. My favorite thing in Bath was taking the ferry to Bathhampton and walking along the canal back to Bath. There were long boats (not sure what to call them) docked along the canal. They each had different painted designs on the doors...really interesting.

  4. My sister and I visited Chartwell years ago. It was mid-week in October and we were the only ones visiting. What luck to stand in that gorgeous house and not have any other voices interfere with the imagined feeling that Clemmie and Winnie could walk in at any moment. Thanks for the return trip.



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