creating my own Paris

Half the fun of photography for me, is looking for moments 
in a busy crowded spot and creating my own space. 

These two images were taken on a busy Sunday morning 
in the Jardin des Tuileries in Paris.  
I had to work fast before people filled the space.  

 The image below was taken during a quiet moment 
of contemplation in the courtyard of our hotel. 
I had a coffee and stack of postcards by my side...I was trying
to decide what was going to come next. 

A Summer's evening along the Seine with my daughters.
We had taken the train from Orleans to Paris that afternoon.
The timing was perfect. 



  1. Dear Jeanne, Lovely photos - you have inspired me to make some progress with my photographic education! It's been a long time coming....I have now taken the leap and invested in the camera you suggested (Canon G12) which is just one step beyond what I have been using (baby steps!!) Would love to know if I can take a similar photo to the one you had on your other blog (the lady's head with the blurred background) with this camera? Is it possible with this camera to have a sharp image in the foreground and the blurred background? If you have a moment would really appreciate a short message or a mail! Enjoy the rest of your time photographing all the wonderful things England has to offer before the 'expat express' leaves for pastures new! Best wishes x

  2. Love these special moments when it's you and your camera, creating peace in busy places. Your photos are beautiful and show me Paris, a city I know well, from a different angle.

  3. Oh Jeanne, you have such a gift, my friend. And the eye for the perfect moment and composition. Bravo, mon ami! J x

  4. How beautiful! I love your eye, Jeanne - a true talent!

  5. If I took sjots like these, I would adorn my walls with them. They are just beautiful!!

  6. Love the pictures and the new header!



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