In the woods....Surrey, England

It does not matter how many times I walk it.
I never tire of the path I follow.

I think that I cannot preserve my health and spirits,
 unless I spend four hours a day at least--and it is commonly more than that--
sauntering through the woods and over the hills and fields, 
absolutely free from all worldly engagements.

Simple words from Henry David Thoreau 

Excursions, "Walking"
 Text from The Natural Man:
Henry David Thoreau 
A Quest Book
Compiled by Robert Epstein and Sherry Phillips



  1. Beautiful looks so serene!

  2. Thanks Sherry, I photography these woods often and each time it is something special. :)

  3. What a luxury to have woods like this!! I'd be there all the time, with Edward of course. I do so agree with Henry David.... if someone could just find me four extra hours a day???

  4. Pamela, I was thinking the same thing but then thought of Walden Pond and how he spent his time. I have the book by my side now, I think it is going to have to stay with me for a while....I last read it at 18 and still remember how much I loved it ;)

  5. Beautiful! so lush and calm and lovely. Wish I could visit with my camera too!

  6. What a wonderful don`t know what`s around the next corner.
    Like a little nature wonderland.
    I love to walk thru the woods, love the sound and the smell of it.
    Nothing compares to it (except the ocean!)
    Thanks for the walk, Jeanne!I can feel the tranquility...

    Lazy Sunday greetings! Beate :)



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