Ancient Cloth, Lifelines and Wisley Gardens

I created this blog to share and enjoy artistic expression. 
I discovered a new talent today,  Marie @ Ancient Cloth.  A little about Marle....
"I am the mother of five amazing children who always teach me so much! 
I am a hard worker, folk art loving, good friend, nerdy and sometimes silly, friendly, 
creative, outgoing and shy at times, turquoise jewelry wearer, new age music listener, sensitive, Blue Fish clothes lover kind of person. Its the little things in life that mean so much to me."

Marie loves to work with fabric and it shows in her work. Visiting her blog today reminded 
me of the handiwork that I recently admired at Wisley Gardens in Surrey, England. Local children had come together to create a patchwork representing found objects in nature. 
The theme was 'Lifelines'. 

The work of many little hands creating fabulous stitches.

You can read more about my trip to Wisley Garden here.
If you enjoy stitching, weaving and working with fabric, stop in and say hello to Marie here.

Top image via Ancient Cloth
other images~ me


  1. Oh my, thank you<3
    I am touched beyond words...

    The little stitches of those children is precious beyond measure!
    I remember when my daughters were around five I taught them to do needlepoint and stitch. They have not continued with it, but they did learn and what they created were little treasures to me.

  2. Your welcome Marle...I love discovering and meeting new people! Love your blog subtitle "Where Women Gather" right :)

  3. That stitching is so sweet -- I don't think a person could ever even duplicate it, you know? But I can sure try to get to that place where plants speak into cloth. Nice post.

  4. Precious stitches that start the weft of life....



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