Getting away from it all in New Zealand

It is hard not to fall in love with New Zealand.
It is a very special place.
This time three years ago we were walking along
 the Abel Tasman National Park track walk.
It was raining but it didn't matter. 
It was emotion all it's own.

What I love about New Zealand is that you can really get away from it all.

It is not difficult to find a spot like this...a beach bach, 
where you can kick back and get lost in time.

For me...the ideal vacation involves kayaking. 
There is nothing like venturing off, on your own, looking for new discoveries.
I can not recall the name of this magnificent bird. Perhaps a bird enthusiast
will happen upon this post and enlighten us.

Split Apple Rock...another amazing discovery along the way.

 We stayed at Awaroa was a family affair and well worth the memories :)

A few facts about this walk...
The Abel Tasman National Park in on the South Island of New Zealand.
Many vistitors explore the area by foot and kayak.
The Abel Tasman is the smallest of the
national parks in New Zealand with 22,530 hectares.
It is all breathtaking.
more on Able Tasman National Park here
images ~ me

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  1. Just divine, Jeanne. We have had several gorgeous holidays there - the South Island is my preference. It's so similar to Tasmania as well.

    I suspect that is a shag - Mr PB and I giggled when we saw them there - we suddenly understood the phrase 'Like shags on a rock'. J x

  2. I've always heard that New Zealand has everything, & photos always support that. The bird looks to me like one of our cormorants... but then I'm a world away, so maybe not.

    Peaceful day.

  3. Breathtaking gorgeous photos Jeanne! How amazing it must be to vacant here!

  4. Jeanne, you brought back lovely memories - especially with that stunning view from Mission Bay...such a lovely country to photograph - if only I had a decent camera back then Thanks for this!



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