Nearly One

Nearly one year 
since we arrived
in England. 
This time 
last year, 
I was in a very 
different space...
with the weight 
of the world 
on my shoulders. 
Moving house, 
moving family,
a new home, 
a new country. 
This is one of my 
first photos...
snow was 
falling gently..
just as 
it is tonight.

Happy One :)

a view from our window


  1. I am exactly where you were last year . . . and it is snowing here in Chicago tonight too. I wonder what the year will hold for me . . . it is exciting to think about it . . . while missing "being known." Thanks for the encouraging reminder of the difference a year makes.

    Merry Christmas, Jeanne.


  2. Oh Glenda! I was thinking of you today, wondering how you were doing in the windy city. Your right,
    you are exactly where I was one year ago. The great thing for you is that you are a seasoned traveler.
    It may have been a while but I am sure you remember the feeling. You are is very exciting to think about.
    I am just excited for what will unfold in 2011. I am sure you will have lots of wonderful experiences. I found
    blogging to be a tremendous help. As you will see, if you scroll around my blogs at the moment...lots of deep thoughts :)

  3. Oh, my! Jeanne, what a time of year to have all that burden to bear. I'm so pleased the past year has been calmer for you.

    I'm so delighted to have found you, my Fairy Blogmother, this year. Life wouldn't be the same without my regular 'dose of Jeanne'! J x

  4. That is exactly how I felt a year ago when we had just moved to much clarity after a year.

  5. Wow - a year already! And yet it seems much longer than that I started following you, right about the time you were going to move. I'm so glad to have met such a delightful person through your beautiful blogs. Merry Christmas, my friend, and happy one year in England!



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