Shadow Shot Sunday and a Squabble

Standing to attention in the morning sun.

Regent's Park in London was the setting
and they looked might proud too.

Here a shadow, there a shadow, everywhere a shadow.
It was hard not to enjoy the squabble and flutter
of these fine feathered friends.

They were only to happy to oblige 
for this Shadow Shot Sunday shoot.

Join us over @ Hey Harriet for Shadow Shot Sunday

feathered friend images~me


  1. They do make great photo subjects, don't they! This looks just like the area down at the harbor near our house! These are terrific! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  2. Wow! So many of them! They are so cute and they look like they really like marching together! Great shots.

  3. Haha! There's so many of them! They don't appear to be the least bit shy either. Great shots :)

  4. Very cool shots with the birds and their shadows1 Great post...



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