Happy September!

It is September 1st...Happy Spring to my friends in the Southern Hemisphere and Happy Autumn to those of us getting ready to tuck ourselves away for winter. I am particularly excited about this September...it is my first in the Northern Hemisphere in over 10 years. I can't wait for it to unfold, day by day. I love sweater weather and crisp apples and long country drives and all signs that point back-to-school. I am ready for it :)

On another note...I think I slept last night, I am not quite sure. I will know after my second cup of coffee but before I start the morning I thought I would stop in here and pause a while. Not sure why...maybe because this blog sits quietly in the corner, waiting for something. I am not sure just what yet but I wanted to come in and say hello and wish one and all a Happy September.

I took the kids out to lunch and a leisurely stroll around the gardens at Polesden Lacey yesterday...beautiful weather in London. Looking good for the next week too!



  1. Hello Jeanne - glad you are looking forward to autumn! I have been glancing at all the berries appearing in the hedges with mixed feelings...looking forward to those crisp days but with a slight anxiety about what will follow! x

  2. I share your love of September. We are entering my favorite four months.




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