Serena and Shadow Shot Sunday

I was chasing Serena's shadow around Wimbledon yesterday.
Let me tell you...that is not an easy thing to do!
In the top shot I was so focused on the shadow I forgot the the rest of her.
The bottom one just after she won her fourth Wimbledon title.

Many thanks to Hey Harriet for tuning me into 



  1. great shadow photos this week, mine is technically a reflection but I'm stretching the meaning of shadow so I can include it

  2. Seriously, you got to go to Wimbleton? How fun!

    Great shot.

    My dad is here visiting and was showing me some pictures. One had a great shadow. I immediately thought, oh, "Shadow Shot Sunday."

  3. Hi Glenda

    Wimbldon was fun and Serena is amazing...120mph for one shot...I think that was her hightest ever and the rest were not far behind.

    You should enter the Shadow Shot Sunday...another excuse to take a picture, I'll take it!

  4. love the serena shot. i am jealous! today was my first time posting for SSS. i like your blog!

  5. What fantastic shots! Especially that second capture! A shadow shot from Wimbledon is very cool indeed!

    Hope you have a great week ahead :)



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