Street Scene: Spain #3

Young thing that I was, in 1971,
sitting on a bus in either Madrid or Barcelona.
I took these street scene images and have never forgotten them.

The last of my three slides that I converted to print.
It appears he knew...looking right at me.
Happy in his thoughts, passing time.
I wonder now, what this little girl was looking 
at as she glanced over her shoulder...
maybe something delicious in a window.



  1. I love these street scenes, and how, even that young, you were able to capture that moment. I would seriously think that a seasoned adult photographer had taken these photos. True slices of life, well composed and compelling.

  2. I travel that way as well ~ often wondering where people are going? what their day holds? Are they happy? sad? fighting with their spouse? etc.

    I would have liked a shot of you at that age and wonder what you were thinking to take such thoughful photos.

    Thanks for sharing them.

    I only got to travel to Spain once and it was in 1985.



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