Lustre by Claudie Gagnon

Last month I visited Quebec and spent a morning touring 
Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec. During the tour we came across this amazing chandelier. I only wish the photograph could do it justice. We were not allowed to take photos and by chance, I found this one on someones blog

The artist here is Claudie Gagnon and it entitled 'Lustre'.

What you can not see it how it is made and more importantly what it is made of.
The artist collected vintage coloured glass, the sort you pick up for next to nothing at recycling shops. Cups, bottles, ornaments...basically anything she could tie a string around. Imagine collecting 100's of these bottles, taking a large roll of fishing wire and tying a piece to each individual item. Once done, she attached them to a large grid which is barely visible at the top of the chandelier. The beauty of it all was how she placed each individual one while creating the perfect balance of colour and light. It was mesmerising.
It reminded me of a lifetime of seaglass.

I left that day and two weeks later I was still thinking about it.
I contacted the museum and asked if they could pass along the artists name.
That is as far as I got. If by chance, you are in Quebec City and happen upon Claudie Gagnon...tell her she has a fan in England:)
More importantly, how much fun would this be to try yourself!!!

image 1, 2


  1. That is just so beautiful! Reminds me of beach glass.

  2. It is GORGEOUS! I surely have enough seaglass in my basement-doing nothing. Give me the thumbs up and it's all yours! You could have your very own original- seriously!



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