Long Live The Sunday Paper

I took these with my iphone last week and have been using both as wallpaper on my phone.  They make me smile every time I turn on my phone. It feels like one of those 'sigh' moments. I was sitting in the backyard at the end of the day on Sunday, a full paper in front of me and an espresso by my side. I love my Sunday paper time...the family knows that I am not to be interrupted.  It is 'me' time. 

My paper of choice on a Sunday morning?
Everyone was smiling last week and royalty was to be seen everywhere.

The Queen
Prince Harry and Prince William
David Beckham
and more royalty
Those were the headlines in the front section of the newspaper.
They love their headlines and photos in England.
It makes Sunday that much more enjoyable for me :)

Note: other Sunday favourites
New Zealand: Sunday Star Times

images~ me


  1. For me it's definitely a morning ritual - I love the NY Times book review and travel section, as well as the style section. Enjoy your peaceful quiet time of the day.

  2. I LOVE the Sunday paper too.
    Ours isn't so great but it'll do.

  3. Jeanne - one of things I missed most when I was living overseas was the English Sunday paper (or any paper come to that!) They have a way with reporting news here with added humour & it really livens up the media...we have been reading the Times but I have noticed a few posts of yours with clippings from the Telegraph...maybe we might have a change! x

  4. "AMEN" to that! I love my Sunday paper and look forward to it all week long. Lovely blog, btw.

  5. I feel the same way about the Sunday paper...mine's the L.A. Times.



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