Driftwood Sculptures

I love driftwood and have been collecting it for years, 
much to the dismay of my family who can not understand 
why their are always pieces of wood laying about.

When I saw this artist featuring his own creations made out of driftwood 
I was very excited. Unfortunately, these photos do not do his work justice 
as each needs to be standing on it's own to be fully appreciated. 

Turns out that the driftwood comes from the wild west coast shores of New Zealand.
They were collected and enhanced by Nigel Peterken.
His work was on display at the Chelsea Flower Show in London.
I was delighted to see him there.

The natural beauty of New Zealand is fully captivated in his work.
You can see more of  Nigel's work at WoodenZone

Why do I love wood?

because it is 

as shown above by Emily Readett-Bayley


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  1. I love driftwood too and have baskets of it lying around--I sometimes incorporate it into my assemblages. Thanks so much for the link to Wooden Zone!



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