Brother and Sister

'A Walk to Paradise Garden'
This is one of my all time favourite photographs
by American photojournalist, *Eugene Smith (1918-1978).

Ever since seeing it I have loved taking photos from afar.
You capture some of life's best moments that way.

On the weekend, Mr H, his sister 
and I went for a long country walk.
It was lovely to see 
brother and sister together again.

It does not happen very often. 
They have lived in different countries for years.
Time out for brother and sister.
A perfect setting for 
a perfect day.

and finally, 

a special moment for me....
my family...
walking the shores of the Tasman Sea

image1 ~ Eugene Smith
images 2 and 3~ me

*'Smith’s war wounds cost him two painful years of hospitalization and plastic surgery. During these years he took no pictures and whether he would ever be able to return to photography was doubtful. Then one day, during his period of convalescence, Smith took a walk with his two children and even though it was still intensely painful for him to operate a camera, came back with one of the most famous photographs of all time: "A Walk to Paradise Garden." This memorable image was to serve as the final picture in the famous "Family of Man" Exhibition'.


  1. A beautiful photo made all the more so by the poignant story behind it. And I love the family shots as well ... beautiful, Jeanne. You definitely inherited your mom's artistic eye.

  2. I just spoke with my sister today and she would like to come to River-Rose for July 4th. I haven't seen her for two years and the idea of hanging out with her just made my day- much like your pictures!



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