Street Scene: Spain #2

This follows on the previous post.

Location: Madrid or Barcelona
Year: 1971
Photographer: me (from a bus window)

I would love to know what the discussion was about here.
The man on the left obviously has a grievance and the man to his right
is listening with a sympathetic ear.

I have been trying to figure out what is in the hand of the man on the right.
Paper blowing in the wind?
He has a long chain off his pant buckle.
That is a mystery too. Looks to long for a pocket watch.

I like how the man on the left has folded his scarf 
around his neck and tucked it in.
I wonder about his past.

Are they old friends or have they just met?

It is a busy day in the city by the looks of the reflection in the window.

Anuncios means advertisement in English.
This looks like a space for a poster.
I like it in isolation.

On his own he is a man lost in his thoughts.
The weight of the world on his shoulders
 by the looks of it.
The shadows caught my attention in this one.

Have you spotted anything?

This is fun.
Try it sometime!


  1. I think they are friends. The one the right is holding an invoice that was presented to the man on the left. He thinks it is way too high of a price to pay for the work done and they are bantering on about it. Either that or it's too early in the morning for me to be more creative in my thinking...

  2. I am loving these old photos of yours ... great photos and a wonderful imagination, and you take us on the most amazing journeys.



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