Women And Their Craft....in New Zealand

I have a deep admiration for women who work with their hands 
and I admit to a secret envy as well.
I came across an article on the Oratia Spinning and Craft Group 
and knew it was going to be a keeper. 
It all started in 1978 in a small town in the foothills of the Waitakere Ranges
outside of Auckland, New Zealand and it has been going strong ever since.

If there was a story to be told I imagine these women could weave 
one as beautiful as the ones they craft by hand. I hope that someone 
takes them up on that someday. Imagine the tales they would tell. 

I love this excerpt from the magazine article..
'Part of the beauty of groups like this is that you can see a product develop from start to finish. 
Bags of wool just off the back of a sheep are brought in and the fibre is hand-carded and spun, 
dyed (often with natural plant dye) and worked on a loom or with needles. 
Halfway through the morning there is tea and an old-fashioned trolley full of goodies, 
much of it from the previous day's home baking."

Images and article from New Zealand House and Garden magazine

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  1. It is amazing that they have kept this going for 32 years! Wonderful, simply wonderful.



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