Just reflecting on my work space...
I have set up a working table in front of a window looking onto our back yard. 
Mind you there are other places I could work 
but there is something about the light that I find relaxing and comforting. 
I am tucked away in the corner of the house...just me and a stack of books, magazines and artwork. 
At the moment I am reading about the Bloomsbury artists, 
contemplating my daughters art (shown below) and wondering 
about the posts for the upcoming week. 
In the midst of this I am thinking about all the wonderful and clever artists
 I have been following in the blogging world this week and feel invigorated and inspired :)

Images taken by me on a rainy Saturday afternoon somewhere in Surrey


  1. Love your daughter's art, and your view! Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Dear Jeanne,

    What a beautiful place and a lovely view of the garden. You are so right about the light and I am wondering if it faces the north, for there is nothing like northern light.

    Your spot reminds me of when I had a small 120 sq ft cottage in our back yard at our previous house and i wish I had it today.

    Your daughters art is lovely.

    Wishing you all the very best.

  3. Really pretty. The colors, light, textures and garden. So lovely! If I took a picture of my workspace, someone would most likely say- Clean that up! Maybe that is what I should do today....xoxo



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