How to Procrastinate

This is what you do when you do not want to go 
to the Motor Vehicle Department to register your car...self portraits in a mirror. 
Not as easy as it looks!

Ok..did that, guess I have to go..
For all you camera bugs...try this, it is kind of fun.
I found manual focus worked best.


  1. Look at you!!! haha
    That's a cheeky way to reveal just so much... but they look lovely.. as you do!!

    I see you have a canon there!! woohoo.. .. mine is only a point and shoot with some manual capabilities by no view finder .. so annoyingly I have to hold it out from me take a pic.. I need a big girl's camera like yours!! I like how you have the images positioned at different levels across the page..

    Now get to the dmv!! haha.. xx Julie

  2. Looks fun.. must have a go too! But I am very good at procrastinating! V. Nice honey hair -they listened and did not make you ashey!! X

  3. Gorgeous you! And fun shots!


  4. Jeanne - you are so funny...much more interesting than going to rego the car...don't you have to send it away here? We were talking about that today, how we would have our Licences all sorted out if there was an RTA to go to but you have to fill in a ream of paperwork and send it off....???Anyway, love your self-portraits and your camera...x

  5. Aaaaahh, here are your (profile) pictures!! You are a gorgeous woman I must say and very chic I suppose as well. But hey...I think I kind of already knew after having seen that lovely picture of your two goodlooking children ;-)

  6. Nice shots... and your blog looks great. Found you through Vicki...
    As for your self-portraits instead of "fill-in-task"...
    seems perfectly logical...doesn't everyone???
    Wave from Oia ~



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