Duncan and Vanessa

Currently reading The Art of Bloomsbury by Richard Shone.
and enjoying paintings by Duncan Grant and Vanessa Bell.
These are my favourite so far....

'Window, South of France'
painted by Duncan Grant, 1928
at La Bergere, a farm cottage attached 
to chateau Fontcreuse, north of Cassis

'The Room with a View' 
by Duncan Grant 1919
Painting of Vanessa Bell 
at home in Charleston, Sussex

'Triple Alliance' 
by Vanessa Bell 1914
Collage elements:
Cheque made out to herself for 5 guineas and
maps including the valley of the Meuse north of Verdun 
and the German-French border at Aix-la-Chapelle.

Currently reading 
To read about the artists:

Images and text from The Art of Bloomsbury as noted above


  1. Great share! The top one is my favorite.

  2. Love anything to do with the Bloomsbury group... have you been to Charleston yet ? - I'd imagine a little too cold to make the journey but put it on your list for Spring... I have visited many times - I adore the place. Last time I was there was for a birthday party - they have a large barn that you can hire and use for functions. X

  3. Thank you Jeanne - another to add to my growing list! By the way I was introduced to 'Women who read are dangerous' via your blog & just wanted you to know how much I have enjoyed (& am still enjoying) it! x P.S. The word verification came up as isculpt - I think it should be iread x



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