Choose Happiness

I don't know about you, but I equate blogging to writing a 'happiness journal'.  
It is one of the ways that I find joy each and every day. 
It unfolds in so many ways. 
Writing, taking pictures, reading a comment, 
researching a topic that you have always 
have been interested in and knowing 
that someone else may be as well. 
Thinking that my actions 
might make someone smile....
that is joy.
Finding Your Joy
Be Happy Every Single Day
Being happy doesn’t come naturally to everybody. 
It is your birthright to be happy, choose happiness everyday.
"Our lives are rich with potential sources of happiness, but sometimes we become victims of negative thinking because we believe that focusing on all that has gone wrong will provide us with the motivation we need to face the challenges of survival. When we choose to focus on what makes us happy, however, a shift occurs in the fabric of our existence. Finding something to be happy about every single day can help this shift take place. The vantage points from which we view the world are brought into balance, and we can see that being alive truly is a gift to be savored. There is always something we can be happy about —it is simply up to us to identify it.

On one day, we may find happiness in a momentous, life-changing event such as a marriage or the birth of a child. On another day, the happiness we experience may be a product of our appreciation of a particularly well-brewed cup of a tea or the way the sun shines on a leaf. If we discover that we literally cannot call to mind a single joyful element of existence, we should examine the cause of the blockage standing between us and experiencing happiness. Keeping a happiness journal is a wonderful way to catalog the happiness unfolding all around us so that joy has myriad opportunities to manifest itself in our lives. Writing about the emotions we experience while contemplating joy may give us insight into the factors compelling us to resist it.

Happiness may not always come easily into your life. You have likely been conditioned to believe that the proper response to unmet expectations is one of sadness, anger, guilt, or fear. To make joy a fixture in your existence, you must first accept that it is within your power to choose happiness over unhappiness every single day. Then, each time you discover some new source of happiness, the notion that the world is a happy place will find its way more deeply into your heart. On this day, find one thing to be happy about and let it fill your heart."

Text from Daily OM
Image taken by me in Paris


  1. Dear Jeanne,

    It is a challenge to be happy as we find our way of life disappearing, but then I confess, I find single moments throughout the day a blessing.

    Listening to the sound of birds at the feeder, or hearing the tapping on a trunk of wood and knowing it is the first time I have heard the woodpecker this year, to watching the a few flowers open up under a cool sunlight, these are the things that bring me happiness when I am alone.

    If we measure the little moments, the few unexpected moments out of the blue from our routine we spend with a child, are priceless.

    Warmest regardsd,

  2. Some do find happiness easier than others. I'm grateful to be one of the lucky ones to be blessed with being able to see the silver lining even in the cloudiest day. I don't ask "why me" because "why not me", because I know there is a lesson to be learned some where along the journey.

    Have a golden day! xo



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