Just me, my dog and my wellies

Off on a walk this morning...just me and my dog (Tika) and lots of mud. I hesitated getting out of the car and bracing myself for the wind and cold but the smelly dog in the backseat with the wagging tale and hopeful eyes made me change my mind. Oh well, I thought, now is as good a time as any. I was smart enough to pack my wellies but of course dense enough to leave my camera at home. Your would think with four cameras of various sizes that I might get it right..oh bother.
Along the path, hood up, hands in pocket, muttering under my breath about a stupid dog and then I looked up. Ok, this is the part where I would show a picure but I can't so I will just say that it was just me and my dog and a big glorious wood with the sky in lovely shaded stripes of soft pink, grey, dusty blue and white which filtered thru the trees and beyond. It was lovely and I started to feel better. I even popped my hood down for all of 5 seconds to take it all in.  I felt ambitious and decided to take in a new trail along The River Mole... I just love that name. As we walked along I half expected a bushy little beaver named Harold to jump out from behind a tree and start chatting me up.
(photo from a day when I did remember my camera)

On we walked and I could feel the layers of my moody slump falling away. Nature was in all it's glory. The birds were quietly chirping away, something was bubbling along in the river, I am going to assume toads...the breeze was floating thru the trees, the planes were circling above to settle into Heathrow (ok, skip that part) and I suddenly felt the urge to just sludge thru that muddy mess of a trail in front of me. Looking not once but twice for any fellow walkers I went full force into the middle of it. Squish, slish, slosh...if my kids could see me now. Tika even look surprised. Well, it felt great and I felt better and so be it. We carried on up the hill with my latest find in hand, the perfect branch to add to my walking stick collection. Hi Ho Up We Go...to my favourite spot

And that was my morning walk..just me, my dog and my wellies.

The End

Images of woods taken last week when I did remember my camera


  1. Jeanne - sounds like a wonderful remedy for a moody slump! I have gotten into the habit of putting the wellies into the car whenever & wherever I go - you never know in the UK when you're going to need them & muddy puddles appear in the most unexpected places....Susie x

  2. I love the photos - especially the last - you really feel the atmosphere. I would gladly trade a good wet, walk with all this snow! Though Miss Sugar Magnolia does not deign to do wet walks of any kind. Which is probably for the best as she would not stay white for long out there.
    Stay warm and dry.

  3. So pleased you are discovering the delights of the couontryside - won't be long before there will be bluebells carpeting the woods... (well, a few months will go quickly!!)... And Tika is adorable too. X

  4. bluebells carpeting the woods...how lovely that sounds...thanks, Sarah!



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