The Calm Space

I recently discovered this site  The Calm Space via 
Patricia at PVE and am enjoying the daily emails that come my way.
Just little reminders to slow down and enjoy what life has to offer. A little Me time. 
 Last week I received reminders to....

Light A Candle
Eucalyptus today...

Have A Real Coffee Experience

which I love to do at my favourite spot in town...

Just Add Flowers

a la Waitrose....

Listen to Music

Yo Yo Ma and more..

Just Sit

Happily If Martha will let me come to her house...

I look forward to what this week has to offer!

Images 1-3 taken by me
Image 4 itunes
Image 5 Martha


  1. Beautiful... and I see you have discovered the wonderful Carluccios too!! (candle looks great as well) XX

  2. Jeanne - Thank you! I am so happy you're enjoying your daily dose of Me Time. It's so important to take time for ourselves!



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