Jardin des Tuilleries and the man in the red scarf

It is funny...the things that capture our attention in this big wide world of ours. Here I was, in Paris, on a cold winters day just taking it all in and there across the way, this man was walking and he just lured me in. The hat, the scarf, the papers under his arm, his stride....I was captivated. .

Then there was another...and a chair and a statue and that lovely grey blue sky.Could he have been sitting here pondering life? Could he have been sitting here pondering life?

I think this is my favourite photo of the trip.

Isn't it wonderful what a stroll in the park can do for the heart and the mind?
A winters day in Paris

Images taken by me
Jardin des Tuilleries
22 January 2010


  1. I love that pop of red against the sky. And it is wonderful how you used the photos - alternating the two gentlemen and then the final one together - it tells a little story, I think. (did you ever work out adding the signature to the photos?) Have a great week!

  2. Thank you so much for stopping by and for your lovely comments. And now i have found your blogs! I'm enjoying my visit, your photographs are so beautiful, Jeanne. I look forward to seeing more. And you're an expat like myself. There are so many of us, perhaps we should form a club! ;)

  3. Great photographs Jeanne... Maybe you should frame the Man in the Red Scarf one.... Fantastic.
    S x

  4. The small details make things so special. x



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