How To Be An Explorer Of The World

I picked up this book today. It really is for a younger audience but hey...your as young as you feel. Great concepts in here for young and old. I was drawn to this page:

The sculptor Henry Moore collected bones, flints, driftwood, seashells, pebbles, whale vertebrae, and various other found objects; he used all of these things as sources for his own work, as well as using them as natural sculptures. 

This reminded me of the basket I put at our front door the first weekend we moved to New Zealand. For the next four years I collected. Can't say I found a whale vertebrae but I had a beautiful bird nest with a cracked sky blue egg in it. I hid it all in a box when we were packing. It will be nice to see it again:)


  1. Dear Jeanne,

    This book looks very interesting and I will have a look at the link you provide. As you know already, I am also a big collector of things that others might just over look or consider useless.

    The story or your basket and the birds nest warms my heart. I hope you will have a chance to unpack it soon.

    Best wishes,



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