Until we meet again...

December 19....2009

Do you ever feel like you are reliving a moment in time over and over again? This is the third time I have had to say significant goodbyes. The last few friends are always the hardest because they are the ones that are closest. The ones who are there sharing the watershed with you as you say goodbye..thinking of all those special times you have had, thinking of how easy it has been to just pick up the phone, meet for coffee, lunch, dinner...all those things we take for granted until we know they are coming to the end. My daughters and I plodded onto our flight, puffy eyed and a bit worse for wear this morning. They managed to do it in style and dawned the big sunglasses....and I just blew my nose and carried on with my pack of tissues close at hand. I think back to our first transfer in 1986 and the years that followed...waiting by the post for news from friends back home. As time went by the news came through less and less, but now...a whole new world has opened up to us. I am heavy hearted and weary yet optimistic because I know within a few days we will be texting, chatting on Facebook, blogging and sharing news of our holiday gatherings. My friends in Auckland will join the friends from other countries and the network will grow. What is encouraging for me is knowing that I will see them all again and when we do I will have picked up the phone, arranged to meet for coffee, lunch or dinner and it will be like time stood still, for us all. They are those special friends that no matter where you are or how much time goes by we will always be there for each other. With that thought..I smile and look forward to seeing them again, soon :)

Image via Lucinda Symonds

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  1. Dear Jeanne - I think that the internet has made the world a far smaller place and we don't feel so cut off and alone from friends and family... do hope that you will soon be catching up with friends you left behind in UK and of course you also have the wider circle of new 'blog' friends too... Also agree with you re : the tissues at the airport - Oh how I hate going through security rifling round in my handbag for something else to blow my nose with!! Never have enough and of course I never apply mascara when I know I am leaving and saying my goodbyes there!! xx



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