Creating to Music

I posted this music last year 
and I still love it.
I call this playlist 'Create'. 
When I need to produce something, 
whatever it may be, 
I listen to this music and it helps to 'clear the air'. 
Most of it is from movie soundtracks. 
Some of my favourites.

For Good ....from show...Wicked
Follow the Flower .... from Under The Tuscan Sun
Dawn..... from Pride and Prejudice
All that I need is Love....   by Melody Gardot
Gabriel's Oboe....    from The Mission
Suite for Solo Cello
No 1 in G Major ...  by Yo Yo Ma
Julia's theme ...  from Julie and Julia
O Mio Babbino....   from No Reservations
Building a Family....  from Life as a House
Boeuf Bourguignon   from Julie and Julia
Baby Alessandra....   from Under the Tuscan Sun
Liz on top of the world....  from Pride and Prejudice
Wish You were Here...  from Under the Tuscan Sun

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