Day 1 UK

Goodness gracious...that's all I can say. Actually, I could think of a few other things but I won't! Ok, that lasted a second. Beam me up Scottie.. for I think I have landed on the mother ice ship. I wander aimlessly around the house touching heaters wondering what is wrong with them. Surely, they could be warmer. Then...alas, I discover, as quickly as Mrs H. is turning up the heater, Mr H is turning them down and muttering something about the cost of heat. Last night I slept with my socks on, winter flannels, a doona, extra blanket and my nice new baby pink fleece bathrobe. It was purchased a few months back in an attempt to make me feel better once I settled in. Day's not working.

I look down at my nicely painted Tahitian red painted toenails which I had painted just a few days ago thinking it is true, I was not dreaming...I was basking in sunlight on a distant...distant island...far, far away ..just last week!

Ok, so maybe I have forgotten that I was cursing everything and everyone that crossed my path over the task of packing up a house and couldn't wait to high tail it out of there to the peace and quiet of a winter wonderland.

Well, we are not short of peace and quiet in this winter abode, as lovely as it is, the kids commented that they had a hard time sleeping last nightt because it was too quiet... HELLO!!!!!! 
With that announcement, I decided it was time to enjoy a  glass of Frizzell Sauvignon Blanc which I tenderly packed into my luggage before I left New Zealand. I have my friend Kaye to thank for that :)

I am now eyeing a very strange Christmas tree at the front door(you don't want to hear) and remembering lots of laughter over the decision to purchase it. It was cold and rainy today (no surprise there) and after purchasing the tree we all bundled into the car to come home for the best cup of hot chocolate I have had in a long time. A lovely memory and with that thought I will sign off on Day 1 UK....looking forward to Day 2...I hear snow is expected for tomorrow.


  1. It will get better! My sister and her husband just arrived in London with their 2 young kids around the same time as you and so I know a little of what you are going through. But I tell them how lucky they are to have jobs there and the thrill of living so close to all those beautiful places like France, Germany and so on makes these little pangs of sadness all worthwhile.

    I hope that you all have a very Happy Christmas and I look forward to hearing about all of your adventures in 2010.

    Christmas cheers, Natasha.

  2. Hello Jeanne,

    WELCOME to your new home Jeanne.

    Glad to know you made it safely to the UK and are already starting to settle-in ;-)

    Don't run yourself ragged trying to get everything done at once ... sit, have a spot of tea and drink in your new surrounds.



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