Celebrations...Papua New Guinea...

A young boy, waiting for the celebrations to begin.... 
Papua New Guinea
Goroka Festival

bicycles and chairs....in England

Bicycles and chairs...can't help myself.
I'm addicted.
I don't even want to begin to think 
what that says about me. 

Along a garden path in Surrey...

There is always hope...Kew Gardens

I never understand my fascination with ramshackle, tumbled down, misfit objects and buildings. I took my first photo when I was about 15 years old. Our photography teacher gave us an assignment,  to take a photograph of something that fascinated us.

Southbank, Miro and Gato Barbieri

Of all the walks in London, I think Southbank has to be one of my favourites.
On this occasion I was on my way to the Tate Modern and wondering
about this fellow in the hat. :)

New York Perspectives and Legos

Over the years I have been had a love/ hate relationship with Legos.
Loved the creative possibilities, hated cleaning them up.
My sons would spend hours on their creations.
One preferred planes and tanks, the other, loved creating cities...
large tall skyscrapers, multiple fascinating structures
reaching out to the sky...dinosaurs and soldiers protecting the 
inner walls of his cities.
I was thrilled by his excitement but never quite got it...
until now.
I have been to Manhattan more times than I can count over the years.
I never really looked up. Last week I visited again and this time
it was different, I looked up.
I am happy to report to my son...
I get it.

Rock climbing...

...rock climbing in New Zealand...

Explorations # 5
The First Things You See...

Start a collection based on the first found objects you see on your walk, whatever that is. You decide what the connection between the objects is (can be based on shape, color, size, etc.).

The sculptor Henry Moore collected bones, flints, driftwood, seashells, pebbles, whale vertebrae, and various other things as sources for his own work, as well as using them as natural sculptures.

Are you a natural sculptor?

Morning Sun over Marrakech

There are times when only an iPhone will do...
This was one of them..
Taken one January morning, poolside, at La Mamounia in Marrakech.

Women And Their Craft....in New Zealand

I have a deep admiration for women who work with their hands 
and I admit to a secret envy as well.
I came across an article on the Oratia Spinning and Craft Group 
and knew it was going to be a keeper. 
It all started in 1978 in a small town in the foothills of the Waitakere Ranges
outside of Auckland, New Zealand and it has been going strong ever since.

Walking with Winston Churchill..Chartwell, England

I went walking with Winston Churchill on Sunday....in my dreams. 
We went along to visit Chartwell,
National Trust Property and the Churchill family home for many years. 
The inside was as special as the outside. I will come back to the inside soon.

Clementine and Winston Churchill lived in Chartwell for 40 years.
They adored it and it shows in what they created. 
They toiled, planned, and fretted but in the end it is said to have 
brought them great joy, as a home should.

Sissinghurst Gardens..one room at a time

Earlier this summer, I made a mad dash into Sissinghurst gardens,
30 minutes before closing. I vowed to go back, tried a few weeks later
and managed to sit on the M25 for six hours having to retreat as it closed yet again.
It was not meant to be this summer. 

C'est Si Bon, Mood Blogging in the Loire Valley

A car to love, 1950's Peugeot, do we love the colour too? I say oui!

Playing Sherlock in the Loire Valley

I wrote about My French Worldhere, and discussed my struggles with the French language. I seem to have developed a language phobia which I am determined to correct.

French Accents..Loire Valley

Rain clouds drifted across the Loire Valley today.
Time to rest.

Magnificent Proportions at Chambord..Loire Valley

"Chambord is truly royal-royal in its great scale, 
its grand air, its indifference to common considerations"
Writer, Henry James

A Woman's World in India

Travelling with me is not easy. 
My family is well aware of that fact.
I try my hardest but sometimes I just can't help it.

I wonder....

At first it was the fashions of the women in India that caught my eye.
The fabric, the colours, the style, I wondered how
 they all managed to pull it off with such grace.
I was secretly envious too...it looked so comfortable.

Photo Notes: Peter Beard

Peter Beard creation of Jacqueline Onassis
via One Part Gypsy, as above
One of the joys of photography is seeing how others view the world. I recently came across the most amazing...and I really mean, amazing...book by Peter Beard.  It the 'Art Edition', of which just a few hundred were made. Produced by TASCHEN, it sold for a cool £4500.00 per book. If you have seen the book, you will understand why.

creating my own space..in Paris

Half the fun of photography for me, is looking for moments 
in a busy crowded spot and creating my own space. 

Test of Time..Gloucester, Massachuetts

Weathered and worn,
standing the test of time in Gloucester, Massachusetts.


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